1) Can you have sex during the party?

Re. Yes, there is a special "PLAY ROOM" zone in the club

2) What is the dress code for the party?

Re. Suggested rules for choosing a costume for a dance disco. Sexapil level within appropriate limits

3) What proportion of guests do you expect in the club?

Re. The ticket sales system is 450 pairs, 50 singles, 50 singles.

4) Are you sure there will be 1000 people at the party?

Re. No, this is the maximum number of tickets available. We stick to the fixed proportions from point 3.

5) I'm going for the first time, do I have anything to be afraid of?

Re. No - it's a dance party in a very nice company with the possibility of swing in a dedicated PLAYROOM zone. We focus in one place people from all over Poland with similar interests, looking for new and interesting acquaintances.

6) How big is the club? Can we fit?

Re. The club is very large over 2500m2, so do not worry.

7) How many bars are there in the club?

Re. There are 4 bars in the club, one of which is located in a restricted area for people with catering.

8) Who is the organizer of the event?

Re. The main organizer of the event is the SecretFace group

9) Will there be people unrelated to swing at the party?

Re. There is no such possibility - it is a closed event - this is the system for booking tickets online.

10) Is the cloakroom additionally payable?

Re. No, the organizers pay for the changing rooms.

11) Will there be a photographer / cameraman at the party?

Re. At the party there is a ban on photographing and recording, only our club photographer for those who are willing - on a specially prepared photo wall. The security services are to strictly control these rules.

12) Do you run selections?

Re. The selection is led by the owner of the club together with one of the organizers - we do not allow people under the influence of alcohol, drugs and people who do not adapt the outfit (eg tracksuit). The organizer may refuse to enter the party - which in effect means selection.

13) What does the issue of alcohol look like?

Re. Both alcohol and other drinks are bought at bars according to the club's price list. It is forbidden to bring your own alcohol.

14) Where can I find the ticket price list? How to buy them?

Re. The pricelist and ticket shop can be found at www.swingunited.pl

15) How will I receive a ticket?

Re. Tickets are sent after payment of the order - SMS and E-mail.

16) What payment methods are available? Can I pay on the spot?

Re. Due to the closed nature of the event, buying a ticket on the spot will not be possible - only buying on-line.

17) How can I buy a ticket if I do not have a bank account?

Re. We invite you to place an order through www.swingunited.pl and pay for the ticket through a simple transfer, eg at the post office. In the title we give the order number.

18) Can I make a transfer from abroad?

Re. Of course, on your account.

19) How can I contact you?

Re. Through a message on a tank or other portal
Mail: info@swingunited.pl
by phone Mon-Fri, in the chair 11.00-19.00

20) In which club will the party take place? can you ask for the address?

Re. The event will take place at Club Mirage - ul. Plac Defilad 1 Warsaw (Palace of Culture and Science - entrance from the golden terraces)

21) What is the entry price and what does it contain?


a) Entrance ticket in price from PLN 69 per person (entry to the club included in the price, free entry to swinging clubs worth several hundred zlotys)
- regular ticket at the price of 69 PLN / person
* If tickets are not sold out, then on the day of the event you will be able to buy the price of 149 PLN / person.
- Silver package (admission to the club and playroom) PLN 129 / person
* If tickets are not sold out, then on the day of the event you will be able to buy the price of PLN 249 / person.

b) Entrance ticket with a guaranteed seating and catering (Gold package) for 219 PLN per person
(price includes entry to the club, catering, buffet in the form of fingerfood, assigned place in a dedicated zone, maximum 100 people, possibility of using a separate bar - alcohol additionally payable according to the club's price list, free entry to swinging clubs worth several hundred zlotys)

c) VIP package (entry to the club included in the price, place in the canteen zone and access to the PlayRoom zone)
279 PLN / person

d) Lodge 6-8 people - PRICE FOR LOANS: PLN 499 - The price includes: renting a lodge for 6-8 people (tickets additionally payable from PLN 69 / person), waiter service, best place at the dance floor

e) Lodge 10-12 people - LOAD PRICE: 799 PLN - The price includes: renting a lodge for 10-12 people (tickets additionally payable from PLN 69 / person), waiter service